Linear Wiegand Output Receiver

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ACP00727 WOR Linear 318 MHz Wiegand Output Receiver

The Linear acp00727 receiver is also known as the WOR (Wiegand Output Receiver). This receiver is compatible with 318 MHz Linear MegaCode and compatible remote controls. The WOR can be connected to most 26, 30 and 31-bit Wiegand systems to add radio control.

  • Compatible with 318 MHz Linear MegaCode Block Coded Transmitters & Compatible Models
  • Wiegand Output Supports 26, 30, and 31-Bit Formats

Product Description

The Linear ACP00727 is also known as a WOR receiver. This receiver operates at 318MHz and works with Linear MegaCode and compatible block-coded remote controls. Known as a Wiegand Output Receiver (WOR), this unit does not store any remote codes but passes the data through to the controller where the data is stored. The Wiegand output supports 26, 30 and 31 bit formats. The acp00727 is easily configured using a series of dip switches which set output formats, facility codes and transmitter button selection.

  • Compatible with Linear MegaCode Block Coded Remotes and Compatible Models
  • Ideal for Equipping Existing Wiegand Access Control Systems for Use with Remotes
  • Ideal Solution for Equipping Handicap Access with Radio Controls
  • Compatible with Most 26, 30 & 31 Bit Access Control Systems
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Controls From 5 To 500 Feet with the Range Knob
  • Flexible Settings to Set or Ignore Facility Codes
  • Weather-Resistant Case for Interior or Exterior Mounting
  • 318 MHz Frequency


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