Titan DoorKing MicroClik Compatible w/HID


Titan GG318D-1-H 1 Button DoorKing MicroClick Compatible Remote w/HID Prox

The Titan model GG318D-1-H is compatible with all 318 MHz DoorKing MicroClik radio receivers. The GG318D-1-H also has a built-in proximity chip for use on HID 125 KHz card readers. These remotes also come with a 12-volt battery and keychain. All Titan models come with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Compatible with all 318 MHz DoorKing MicroClik gate receivers
  • Built In Prox Reader Coil Works on HID Prox Card Readers
  • RCS Model RCS-318CTB1/H
  • SKU: gg318d-1-h

Product Description

The Titan model GG318D-1-H is a 318 MHz DoorKing MicroClik compatible keychain remote with built in HID prox coil for additional card reader access. These are 26 Bit Wiegand and have serial numbers. The Titan series are manufactured by Remote Control Solutions (RCS), also known as RCS model RCS-318CTB1/H. These remotes are commonly used on gates plus additional HID card reader access. The Titan remotes feature a sleek attractive design and a high-quality keychain included. The GG318D-1-H also comes with a 12-volt battery. With the perfect combination of low cost, better battery life and a Lifetime Warranty, the Titan GG318D-1-H is the ideal choice for your 318 MHz DoorKing MicroClik compatible gate remote needs.

  • Same as RCS-318CTB1/H
  • Compatible with all 318 MHz DoorKing MicroClick Wiegand receivers
  • Built In Proximity Coil Works on HID Proximity Card Readers
  • Compatible with DoorKing MicroClik Remote Model 8066-083
  • Can Be Enrolled With Serial Numbers
  • 26 Bit Wiegand
  • NOT Compatible With DoorKing MicroPlus Remotes & receivers
  • FCC ID: TG6RCS-318CTB1
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • 12v Battery Included



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