DoorKing MicroPlus 3 Button w/IDTeck Prox

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DoorKing MicroPlus 8071086-nn 3 Button Remote – STOCK FACILITY CODE & NUMBERS

The DoorKing MicroPlus Three button model 8071086-nn is the same as 8071-086. These remotes broadcast at 318 MHz frequency and feature a built-in IDTECK proximity coil for dual use with IDTECK and compatible card readers. They are compatible with DoorKing Micro Plus gate receivers. These ARE NOT compatible with the grey MicroClik models.

  • Compatible DoorKing MicroPlus Receivers & IDTECK Card Readers
  • Same as DoorKing Model 8071-086
  • Must Be Ordered in Groups Of 10
  • Stock Facility Code & Numbers
  • Availability: Special Order
  • Special Order: Lead time 1-2 weeks to our warehouse
  • SKU: 8071086-nn

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Product Description

The DoorKing MicroPlus 3 Button model 8071086-nn, is the same as 8071-086 stock facility code and number version. These gate remotes are a 26 Bit Wiegand format. The transmitters broadcast at 318 MHz frequency and feature a secure encrypted rolling code technology. This provides the highest level of transmitter security available. DoorKing doesn’t share their MicroPlus encryption with other manufacturers so their remote control codes cannot be duplicated or copied. They are only compatible with DoorKing MicroPlus receivers. Called a PROXmtr, this version will also work on IDTECK and compatible proximity card readers with the built-in prox. These WILL NOT work with the grey MicroClik models. These remotes are made from high quality components and come with a 2-year warranty. MicroPlus transmitters are a perfect blend of security and style with an attractive look.

  • Compatible With 318 MHz DoorKing MicroPlus Receivers
  • DoorKing Model 8071-086
  • Built-In IDTECK Proximity Chip for Use on IDTECK and Compatible Proximity Card/Fob Readers
  • Prox Coil Compatible with DKS Reader Models 1815-215, 1815-216, 1815-217, 1815-218, 1520-083, 1815-247, 1815-231, 1815-219, 1815-230, 1838-121, 1815-232
  • Prox Coil Compatible with IDTECK Reader Models RF Tiny, RF10, RF20, RF30, Prox10, Prox10H, RFK101, RFK505, RF10V, RF20V, RFK101V
  • Must Be Ordered in Groups Of 10
  • Stock Facility Code & Numbers
  • Works with DoorKing Receiver Models 8056-080, 8040-080 & 8054 Series Receivers
  • FCC ID: LSD69T, IC: 1736A-69T
  • 12v Battery Included
  • 24 Month Factory Warranty


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